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Brand Development

Much more than a logo.

A brand is also how the company is perceived by its customers — the associations and inherent value they place on your business.

At nxtConcepts, we understand branding. We've developed and nurtured brands from start-ups to industry leaders and we're experts at understanding the process, developing the research and refining the brand attributes so that the final identity reflects both your company values and your target market's expectations. 

brand strategynxtConcepts creates effective brands by:

  • Researching your company's target audience.
  • Utilizing our Brand Postioning and Messaging workshops.
  • Establishing a strategy to connect with your audience.
  • Creating brand messaging and advertising to support the strategy.
  • Planning and executing media buys to reach the audience.
  • Consistently applying the brand in all messaging.

The result is a coherent, strategic and compelling brand that builds customer loyalty

Brand Development

Designing for Established Brands

Established brands may have well defined brand guidelines or may simply have a strong product heritage which defines their position in the market. At nxtConcepts we understand the importance of remaining consistent with the core brand values without becoming intimidated or overly constrained by the brand legacy. Our approach enables new ideas, creativity and innovation to flourish creating exciting products to support or extend the brand.

Building New Brands

nxtConcepts uses a unique process to enable new companies to define and build their brand. The process starts with understanding the new business, its products or services, the competition, marketplace and the consumers. We work to create brand values and guidelines which can then be used as the basis of the product development, marketing and business development strategy. For a closer look at what we can do for you, fill out our marketing services quote.

Contact us now 888-215-0820 and find out more about the benefits of using nxtConcepts Brand Development services for your business.


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