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Traditional Media Buying

rufo mediabuyernxtConcepts has developed a set of power proprietary marketing automation tools to help our clients generate and track results:

  • National, cable and spot television.
  • National and local print.
  • Radio and transit.

People talk about traditional advertising – things like print, broadcast and other media as if it's going by the wayside. It's not going anywhere and is still very effective for lots of people and lots of brands. As mentioned before, integrated marketing means having what it takes to effectively take traditional marketing and advertising, combine it with online marketing and rounding it all off with all that's involved in social media marketing. Traditional advertising is still a critical component of most strategic marketing plans, and we do that very, very well.

Media Buying Services – Compare. Buy. Save.

  • Save time & money - no costs, no obligations!
  • Get unbiased advice. Talk to a professional media counselor not a sales person.
  • Exclusive free offers.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • For any type of advertising. For any size business. For any industry.
  • Total freedom to buy what's best for you

5 Reasons to Work With Us

1. Less Hassle. We manage the details and negotiate the best prices for you. That means no persistent sales calls from prospective companies, no wondering if you are getting the best deal, and no worries as to whether the companies are qualified. Plus, our exclusive online request system takes just a few minutes to complete.

2. More Productive. Make the right choice now and avoid costly mistakes later.

3. More affordable. You get the best rates when companies compete!

  • Compare services and prices apples to apples.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Exclusive free offers.

4. Personalized. We are not a faceless corporation, we are a small business like yourself who has built its reputation on reliable service and responding to our clients needs.

5. You're in Control. You are in control from start to finish. We help you manage every aspect of your project and provide unbiased feedback, but you make all the important final decisions. You can even monitor your project every step of the way online.

Contact nxtConcepts now 888-215-0820 and find out more about the benefits of our Media Buying services.



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