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Media Planning

ppc webnxtConcepts is a media-neutral planning resource. We are responsible for developing comprehensive consumer marketing strategies and then creating tactical media plans to seamlessly execute the strategy.

Why do you need to plan your media? Did you know:

  • Only 15% of your target market look at direct mail pieces, brochures, newspaper ads and still respond to traditional forms of advertising?
  • Only 27% of your target market will still read your emails, listen to a radio or TV spot?
  • Only 47% of your customers will visit your website. They'd rather see what you have to say on Facebook or Twitter.
  • 93% of your customers have a mobile phone and will look for your information through a screen size that's smaller than your hand.

Source (Pew Research Report)

Marketing is fragmented today. There will never be again one form of marketing that dominates. That means its critical you know which channels deliver the best results and what formula will produce the most return for your budget. 

Plan to Succeed

We use a four step method to building both paid and earned media plans.  Our goal is to bring you innovative, affordable and engaging campaigns.

Step 1. Budget. When we begin your Media Planning we recommend a budget that works for you and gets the most ROI. You can always adjust it up or down later.

Step 2. Ads. We can take care of all the creative that each marketing channel requires. Whether it is a radio spot, print ad, online ad, or even an interactive game. By creating effective ads that only attract your target customer, we will be able to convert more people for less money.

Step 3. Delivery. We work to get you the best campaigns that reach the most people at the lowest prices.  We handle all the traffic and promotions. 

Step 4. Tracking. Getting your advertising running is just the beginning. On-going management and tracking is critical to keeping your budget on track. We will not only track the advertising results, but we will also handle the invoicing and reporting.  We can do daily reports, weekly or monthly.

At each stage, we apply best practice techniques to maximize your campaign's value.

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