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Every day millions of consumers use phones to search for information generating millions of mobile search queries and millions of opportunities for consumers to discover your brand. Including: display advertising, rich media, video and custom programs. Using cutting edge software, fused with outstanding features and proven results, nxtConcepts can help you to market your business among potential customers cost effectively.

Put your message in the palm of your customers' hands. 

Engage and influence millions of consumers making real time purchase decisions on the go.

Mobile Benefits - ROI

Avoid the traditional ad clutter of radio, TV and print. Consumers can click on your ad to call your business or to browse to a mobile web site
Engage and influence millions of consumers making real time purchase decisions on-the-go with mobile ads. Easily ad mobile advertising to your marketing campaigns without having to invest in mobile-specific resources. The ads are small, yet effective.
Location-based advertising is another possibility with mobile phones. With GPS, you can track mobile phone users and send appropriate messages to them. For example, as a restaurant owner, you can send a message about the special of the day when they pass by.

What we do

  • Develop mobile optimized WAP site's which are easy to navigate.

  • Develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch to make it easier for iPhone users to reach mobile sites.

  • Create interactive mobile features: click-to-call functionality (to help people get in touch with sales persons directly) and mobile social networking functionality (to help people share their favorite stuff with their friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook).

  • Set up multiple marketing channels with mobile web display ads, mobile search ads, and in-app display ads.

  • Voting, instant win, events, dating/face-to-face networking, products, coupons, info pull, subscriptions, commerce.

  • Devise innovative mobile marketing strategies to target potential customers.

  • Introduce SMS offers and mobile coupons to engage potential customers.

  • Create promotions for ring tones, games and other mobile phone services.

  • Build QR (Quick Response) mobile codes for websites or print. Imagine your consumer spotting a QR code on your print or billboard advertisement. They take a picture from their phone and get immediately connected to a web page with more of your business information. The information about the product, service, event, or promotion can be put in the web page, rather than the ad itself. Kind of like a mobile version of "click here to learn more".

  • Other areas include: games, internet search, downloading ringtones, music, and video.

  • Mobile Advertising is a pocket friendly business promotional method. Entering to the world of mobile advertising allows 2-way conversation between you and potential customers. It helps you to influence the decisions of consumers more directly and thus allows your business to make more revenue.

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