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Blog Outreach

What We Do

blog outreachMany blogs are focused on niche topics which news outlets tend to cover more sporadically and reactively.  Blogs are where industry experts lay out their thoughts and predictions, which get re-circulated on Twitter and Facebook. Influential blogs are updated constantly.

Blogger Outreach- We can help you turn your brand message into a strong word-of-mouth campaign online.

Brand Ambassador and Advocacy Programs
Identifying "power" influencers who have established networks of communication and influence to help build brand preference and awareness among their communities.

Sponsored Posts
We work with bloggers to blend our marketing messages into their blog with stories, photos and video.  The goal is to create a compelling piece of content that engages the blog's readers.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Sponsored Posts & Promotions
Increase your fan base with an engaged and relevant demographic.

Twitter Parties
An hour of engagement between influential social media moms and brands on Twitter. Themed virtual events designed to drive traffic to brand websites, spread messaging, and gain awareness of brand benefits.

Create an area of the website that will appeal specifically to selected demographics. Use as a foundation to work with Hispanic, Asian and Mom bloggers.

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