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Email Marketing

Easy. Fast. Powerful. Affordable.

The most powerful tool for marketing, branding, direct response, and building customer relationships is email. It's affordable, easy-to-use, and almost everybody on the Internet has an email address. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Sending out a bad email not only discourages potential customers but can also damage your brand and your reputation. The nxtConcepts team has been guiding clients for over 10 years on the best ways to do permission based email marketing. We use the latest email strategies and techniques to find ways to improve response rates and forge lasting customer relationships.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Saves stamps – send sale announcements by email instead of direct mail.
  • Reduces phone bills – use email or texts to remind customers of appointments.
  • Reduces labor costs – by eliminating extra work.
  • Makes customers happier– can get and give instant feedback.
  • Kick-start sales – send printable email coupons or viewable coupon codes.
  • Saves time – shorten your sales process.
  • Builds trust and brand awareness.
  • Enhances relationships with customers, business allies and clients.
  • Retains human touch with personalization.

What we Do

  • Develop a campaign strategy.
  • Create the content.
  • Reach your target audience.
  • Enhance a campaign for a better response rate.
  • Measure the success of email marketing strategies.
  • Advertise on other people's electronic newsletters.
  • Connect your email to your other marketing channels.

We can work with your own email service provider or provide discounts through our preferred vendors.


  • Retailers to announce upcoming sales.
  • Real estate agents to alert prospects to new home listings.
  • Insurance agents to send policy reminders or renewal notifications.
  • Seaside venues to alert of surf and weather reports.
  • Restaurants to alert loyal customers to daily specials (especially right before lunch).
  • Hotels and motels to send notices that rooms are ready or there is a message waiting.
  • Gas stations for fill-up promotions and price drops.
  • Night clubs and bars to announce new events, drink specials, even celebrity sightings.
  • Repair facilities to send maintenance reminders.
  • Veterinary offices to remind pet owners of vaccination dates.
  • Doctor or dentist offices to check up on patients.
  • Hair salons for last minute deals to fill slow times.
  • Ski areas to send daily condition reports.
  • Video store loyalty programs that keep people coming back for new releases.
  • Non-profits to keep volunteers informed.
  • Clubs or associations to send out last minute weather cancellation or delay notices.
  • Sales to do follow up immediately after a sale.

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