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woman managerFlexible Marketing Management is for You!

Need to kick-start your marketing, but don't think you can afford it? Have an over-stretched marketing budget that you feel is being wasted? Are you short staff or not sure if you want your current staff to handle a certain project?

For a growing number of businesses, outsourcing marketing is a key competitive strategy. nxtConcepts specializes in "marketing when you need it" outsourcing. We provide the same services as an in - house marketing department - at a fraction of the cost. Flexible Marketing Management from nxtConcepts ensures you get expert quality, results driven marketing support. Our clients are able to get tangible results with strict budgets:

  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Difficult-to-define administrative overheads.

Our experienced staff ensure that every penny is spent effectively and according to a clearly defined and rationalized plan. We recommend the best 'marketing mix' which will be most effective for our clients. When implementing a marketing plan we negotiate competitive rates for you from competing marketing services suppliers - and we work efficiently with them in order to keep costs down.

Flexible Marketing Management Benefits Include:

Lower Cost.
The base salary you pay to employees does not represent the total cost to the company. You must also factor in the cost of benefits such as:

  • FICA, insurance, workmen's compensation, pension plans and profit sharing plans.
  • Incentive and bonus plans.
  • Paid holidays and vacation days. Typically, there are 10 paid holidays each year and a minimum of 2 weeks of vacation.
  • Costs associated to hire staff--job posting, resume reviews and interviewing expense.

When you outsource your marketing functions to nxtConcepts you pay for the work performed not many of the traditional employee extras.

Maintaining in-house expertise in all facets of marketing may not be economically feasible. Balancing the marketing requirements of your company with the workload and skills of your staff may be impossible. We smooth the demands placed on your internal staff. You hire us only when you need us. There is no long-term commitment, when the job is complete or your seasonal business declines we move on.

When you hire nxtConcepts you hire experienced marketing professionals with experience in all marketing functions (from the traditional to the cutting-edge) and uses through new technology. We have extensive experience in marketing strategy, website marketing, mobile marketing (SMS), sales campaigns, social media marketing, email marketing, market planning, product planning, product introductions, distribution channels, market research, pricing and promotion. We take our extensive experience starting new business initiatives and implementing successful marketing programs and apply it to your marketing plans, processes and initiatives.

A fresh, objective perspective often helps companies overcome obstacles. Sometimes in-house staff are so close to a product or service they miss important marketing opportunities. We ask questions, we probe product plans and we translate technical features into customer benefits.

Sometimes the quickest way to get something done is to give it to an outside vendor. Because we focus exclusively on the seasonal and small business market, there is no learning curve. We are productive from the start. We build on your strengths by leveraging our marketing experience with the core competencies of your staff. You can dedicate your precious internal resources to activities that generate the highest return. Together we maximize your marketing investment.

What We Do

nxtConcepts works as though it is its clients' own marketing department, helping with marketing strategy, planning and implementation. We may carry out core marketing activities such as the planning, design, and management: other specialist activities such as advertising and printing work are usually commissioned from third parties.

nxtConcepts maintains a constant channel of communication with its clients, formally and informally, through our Virtual Office, regular meetings (online, phone, and in-person if needed), progress reports detailing current and action status of all projects, and project specifications and schedules. Each client is supported by a specific senior member of our staff, yet all staff members are kept up-to-date with each client's activities.

Can I Afford This? Get a Quote and Find out.

Our services cost about one-third the amount of having a similar full-time staff member in-house. Plus, you control how much or how little you need us. For those clients looking for longer term marketing campaigns we offer monthly plans to cover management activity (including strategic consultancy, planning and project management), communication with the client (including attendance at all relevant meetings) and any pre-specified activity. Expenses incurred by us exclusively on behalf of a client (such as postage, stationery, advertising costs and non-routine attendance at special events) are charged extra. Third party costs can be billed directly by nxtConcepts to the client.


  • Industry Specific Web Marketing (Ski, Travel, Recreation, Hospitality, Insurance, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Food & Beverage).
  • Internet Advertising (Display, PPC, Video, Mobile).
  • Earned Advertising (Search Engine Optimization-SEO, Email Marketing, Public Relations).
  • Brochure & Marketing Collateral.
  • Radio and TV Customized Network Media Buying (Get better rates by using a group's buying power).
  • Virtual Marketing Director and Webmaster-On-Call.
  • Mobile Marketing or Text Message Marketing Campaigns.
  • Viral Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation.
  • 24/7/365 Instant Marketing & Web Support.

Contact nxtConcepts now 888-215-0820 and find out more about the benefits of Flexible Marketing Management .


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