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Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing Tools = Lower Marketing Costs & Higher ROI


Isn't it time to stop interrupting customer conversation and join it instead? Lifestyle Marketing focuses directly on customers and their needs and how to best meet those needs profitably.

nxtConcepts specializes in imaginative and original marketing-based campaigns, with an expertise and emphasis in the following areas:

  • Beauty & Fashion.
  • Nightlife & Social.
  • Winter Sports Industry.
  • Consumer Products.
  • Food & Beverage.
  • Travel & Distinct Properties.

We utilize our expansive contacts, grass-roots marketing, and creative communication solutions to build results. We help to acquire appropriate media placement and feature stories, manage media coverage, exposure and publicity in order to boost our clients' profiles, increase their sales and gain measurable success.

We listen to the client and to the community to design personal marketing plans for each individual client based on their needs, audience, budget, and goals. We know that good relationships are the keys to success. Good relationships with the client. Good relationships with the media. And good relationships with the public.

Lifestyle Marketing from nxtConcepts puts the power of predictive analytics to work for you to create more targeted, effective marketing campaigns. Our solutions will help you to develop insight into customer lifetime value, customer preferences & affinity towards offers. Our solutions deliver customer behavior models and marketing optimization models for:

  • Customer Acquisition.
  • Customer Growth.
  • Customer Retention.
  • Customer Win-Back.
  • Marketing Optimization.

Whether you are looking to increase your sales, win back lost customers or increase the retention rate of high value customers, nxtConcepts will deliver the results that you need to ensure your organization's success.

Benefits of Lifestyle Marketing

  • Product development can be based upon knowledge of the benefits sought by customers.
  • Competitive strategy can be developed on how well competitors' fill the needs of customers.
  • Promotion strategies can be directed to specific market segments – more targeted, more results.
  • Media selection can be geared to specific audiences – use only what works.
  • Pricing can be developed based on customer willingness and ability to pay a price for perceived benefits.
  • Build a lifelike portrait or profile of customers to find their current and lifetime value.

Contact nxtConcepts now 888-215-0820 and find out more about the benefits of Lifestyle Marketing.


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