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Website Analytics and Reporting


Put simply website analytics enables understanding of what is happening on your website and gives us the keys to unlock the best performance on your website.

Armed with crucial analytics information we can optimize your website design or update content to help consumers find you faster and easier.

In today's competitive online market place there are hundreds of businesses competing against each to achieve top search results and quality traffic. Web Analytics provide you with the most comprehensive and sophisticated data on your best customers. This information ensures that your advertising is more effective and can help identify your most lucrative markets. Success in marketing comes from proper planning and analysis. Only with web analytics will you have reliable & accurate data to maximize your marketing campaigns.

Web Analytics: Benefits To Your Business

Answers. We may not know what the future will bring, but analytics gives us a solid foundation to know what's worked and what hasn't when it comes to your marketing. Including:

  • Detailed information about where your customers come from.
  • What's clicking with the audience and what isn't.
  • Refining language based on who is listening.
  • The people that most often visit the site and what pages keep them coming back.
  • What sites send the best and most valuable customers.
  • The target market that current marketing messages resonate with.
  • The success of ad campaigns. Including online, TV, newspaper, radio ad, email, etc.
  • The highest converting keywords.

How it Works

Installation of Web Analytics
Your website will need web analytics if it doesn't already. nxtConcepts associates have extensive knowledge and can help you install and customize the settings if needed.

Comprehensive Reports
We will create weekly and monthly reports that will communicate the key performance indicators and make recommendations on how you can improve the results. This is critical for any business currently engaged in social media marketing, search engine marketing and/or pay per click advertising.

Campaign Optimization
Using your analytics and proprietary online advertising software, we are able to achieve higher ROI's and extend limited marketing budget's. A win-win for you and us.

Social Media Reporting

Let us help you find the best time to post, and the people that most promote you.

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