Facebook for Business

Why Facebook?

Facebook Advertising is the Fastest Growing Social Medium in Online Marketing Today!

Put the power of the largest social network on the planet to work for your organization. You've no doubt seen the inventive ways businesses are using Facebook to successfully sell products/services, build brand awareness, drive Web traffic and expand their marketing reach. nxtConcepts is a Facebook developer and has been working to develop new and responsive marketing programs for years side-by-side as Facebook has grown. That means we are able to guide you in not only developing a successful Facebook strategy and presence, but also get you the tools and know-how to do it quickly and cost effectively.

facebook psaaWhat we do

  • Facebook Live Campaigns
  • Break down Facebook analytics to figure out what works and what doesn't.
  • Integrate Facebook into your regular marketing mix.
  • Attract fans with targeted content.
  • Keep fans engaged and coming back.
  • Sharing tactics that earn loyalty.
  • Keep up with the constantly rolled out Facebook redesigns, improvements, new policies and regulations.
  • Start selling and converting using the latest tools.
  • Know what NOT to do about negative posts, angry fans, and rampages.

Benefits of this pay per click service for your business:

  • Pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Geographic targeting.
  • Gender specific targeting.
  • Target by age.
  • Target by marital status.
  • Target by interests.

Why nxtConcepts?

  • nxtConcepts has a team of Facebook experts whose sole purpose is to improve your ROI and reduce your CPA when you advertise on Facebook.
  • Our media and creative teams work with pioneering software, which allows us to upload thousands of ads at a time.
  • Ad delivery can easily be scaled up and optimized in response to customer activity.
  • The technology replaces long-winded manual processes, saving significant administration time.
  • Significant financial savings as time is cut in creation, development and publication of ads.

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