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The nxtConcepts Reputation Services nurture your brand on the Internet, protecting it from negative comments and incorrect information. Including: brand building, brand protection and rebranding. Drive traffic from sources other than search engines. Based on how you want to work together, we either make the optimizations directly on your sites, or we provide you with a detailed set of optimization recommendations and instructions so your team can implement the changes. And we follow up to make sure what worked yesterday is still working today.

What We Do - Support

  • Evaluate and use niche networks when applicable.
  • Find and targe the right people to follow and engage.
  • Integrate network feeds such as Facebook and Twitter into your website
  • Hashtag use.
  • Daily reporting and monitoring.
  • Responding to posts.
  • Editorial weekly calendar.
  • Stay current with network updates and security settings.
  • Hands-on training of one of your staff to find the most effective ways to build and manage your page and following.

WHAT WE DO - Reputation Management

Do you know what your staff and customers are saying about your company and you online? We can help you find out so you can take action or monitor. Building and protecting your brand online is an exciting, yet difficult and time-consuming task. We're here to make the process easier and to help your brand navigate the social networks smoothly.

reputation monitoring

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